When I started Karam Photographic Services back in 1988, I didn't understand the impact I could have in other peoples lives over the long term.  

I've put a lot of effort and myself into my work because your memories or portrait are/is just as important to me as it is to you.  I'm lucky to keep in touch with clients who have become friends.  I'm proud to say that I'm still firmly in the "people & memory" line of work.  So when previous clients contact me ask if I'm "Still doing this?" and "Can we refer you to some people we know?".  I'm happy to say "yes, I'm still here and still doing this".  😊  I honestly really love what I do.  I tell everyone I work for that we are in it together; whether its their wedding, family photos/events, portraits.  I'm not just their photographer; I'm their guide, project manager, customer relations rep and more.   Do you need guidance and expertise on how to work around the "unexpected"?  No problem.  Happy to be there for you on many levels.

John Munns, a professional photographer from San Diego, once asked me how you stay in business?  The simple answer was to stay involved.  I'm lucky to have many clients continue our relationship as they have their own families and it's a privilege to watch their families grow and grow up.  

I hope to get the opportunity to chat with you.  

Warmest Regards,
George Karam

For more information on Karam Photographic Services' work, feel free to get in touch.