Erica and Jordan - A wedding as unique as they are…

Erica and Jordan’s Wedding on August 24, 2019 was a fantastic experience, as weddings tend to be.  A great couple, wonderful family and friends; with a rather unique setting that was pure reflection on the special couple that they are.  They are not run of the mill and neither was their wedding.  Located at the Bonnenfant Y Outdoor Education and Leadership Centre in Dunrobin Ontario (, the day was fun and adventurous.  Again, a reflection of Erica and Jordan.  Thanks to Ella and her team at for carrying it off without any snags.   Enjoy the preview.

2018 - Another year of memories that flew by.

Sometimes, as photographers, we get caught up in all that we are doing for our clients and remember that websites need our attention as much as our clients!  I love what I do and being part of people’s lives on such an important day is a fantastic privilege.  Sometimes its to capture the joy of a wedding day, other times its to get an update on some family photos and on the rare occasion, its to capture some family memories before a loved one moves on.  The reasons can vary, but its never lost on me the impact of what I do for people  Thank you for letting me be part of your lives.